Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Hand Embroidery: Kutch work Grid Pattern Video

Kutch work Grid pattern  is a multipurpose hand embroidery design you can use it on your kurti sleeves, jacket, blouse and even on cushion cover. I have already taught you  this stitch in my second video of Border part I,  this Grid pattern is made up with that border but my purpose of making this video is to explain you how to make turns and intersetcion points where two border lines cross each other, how thread has to be moved.
This Kutchwork grid pattern comprise of 4 steps.
First I am showing  you the sketch of pattern and then will demonstrate it on fabric.
You can click on the time stamps from there you can reach on particular one step.
First step is on

Second step

Third filling step at

Final step at :

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how to stitch grid pattern in kutch work
For watching video please click on the link below:
Hand Embroidery: Kutch work Grid Pattern Video