Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Today I am showing you a simple process of cutting & stitching kurta, don't get yourself confused in tricky measurement of 1/2 or 1/4 of ---------. etc. Simply know the essential measurements that are required and try to start stitching your own kurta. Once you will go through it you will be able to understand measurements and their role in stitching. Further you can experiment on other's . Perfection comes with experience, the more you do, more you learn and you will be skilled. For sewing kurta, basic measurements that are required are:
shoulder width: from left to right shoulder.
length: from shoulder to the desired length
chest: around chest
waist: around waist
sleeve : length
sleeve: width

Points to be remember while marking on cloth:
Total Length: desired length + 1 & 1/2 " extra
chest: around chest+2" extra
waist: around waist+ 1-2 "extra
shoulder: add 1/2 " extra while marking shoulder

shoulder to arm hole length will be the exact width of sleeve
marking sleeve width+ 1.5'' extra
sleeve length will be as desired.
Stitching Instructions:
Opening the 4 fold layers of kurta you will get 2 pieces: front and back.
first of all stitch shoulders.
complete neck with piping or any other pattern, whatever you are making.
Attach sleeves(a-b part will be attached from front side of kurta and b -c will be attached on back part.(refer to the yellow diagram)
Attach e-f part for fitting
Finally fold f to g part and bottom.
I hope you will find this post helpful. If any query please type it on comments section.


nuz said...


After stitching, I find that there are wrinkles around the arm and near the chest - where the sleeve and shoulder meet near the underarm. How do I remove wrinkles near the sleeve?


Hai Nuz please look at the diagram. First fix a part of sleeve with c part of shoulder with the help of safety pin and then stitch till end from both side. measure chest width first stitch till waist. and then complete the remaining sleeve. wrinkles will remove. If there is any doubt please write me again

Anonymous said...

how to find out I.e(a to c ,D to J ,D to E)how much we need to take ?kindly advise me for the same


Reply to your query
A to C : is measurement of shoulders from one shoulder to another.
D to J is same as A-c it is marked because after this armhole cutting is done.
D-E is chest measurement.
Hope you will find it useful.