Friday, May 6, 2011


Sewing developed as a hobby of mine in 2010(not very old), I was inspired by my friend , perfect in sewing. I was not totally unknown to this art, but never tried to stitch my own dress, as their is a saying that "Necessity is the Mother of Invention" My tailor was always unable to understand my words, always there was something lacking in my dress.This is true reason for me to stitch a dress, and thus journey began. It gives you immense satisfaction that you are wearing a dress made by yourself. In this post I will show you step by step instructions to cut &   stitch salwar.
Usually when salwar is cut whole 2 metres cloth is folded in 4 layers and cut but I use a slight different method this cause "Ghera" or "Width"(width of leg) of salwar to maximum as per cloth.
 The measurements used in this tutorial are for example, you have to take your own measurements:
Basic Measurements Required:
1- Full length of salwar
2- Waist band length and width
3-Legbottom round width
When you measure add 1" extra for folding(for the upper folding of waist band add 2 1/2" extra , Please refer to figure NO. 8.


  • If full length is 41" take 34" of cloth. with the help of figure No. 1 cut the pieces.
  • Take rest of cloth(for 2 metres piece for salwar not the whole piece of cloth for suit, I hope you will understand) fold it with the help of figure No. 2 cut the cloth.
  • Stitch the pieces with the help of figure No. 3 and    4, 2 parts for both legs will the ready
  • Place "Baqram" in the leg bottom round   with desired stitches prepare "Paicha".  or "Mohri" of both legs. Please refer to figure No. 5.
  • Take one leg part fold it from the back side(wrong side) as per instructions in figure No. 6 stitch first and then cut (both layers are to the stitched and cut.)
  • Cut the "e" part as per figure No 7, and with the help of figure NO 8. attache all the parts and finally Salwar will look like as shown in figure NO.8.
While sewing salwar it will be beneficial to you that first take your best fitted Salwar and note down all measurements, this will help you proceed further.

      I hope that this post of mine will be beneficial to all those who want to stitch their own salwar. Please feel free to write down any comments , suggestions or queries. My next upcoming post will be "How to Stitch Salwar(TOP),  with few patterns of salwar kameez stitched by me. Please stay updated through e-mail subscription.

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excellent way you have provided to learn.Many thanks kindly do posting of chudidhar pajami also it will more help.plz