Thursday, April 14, 2011


Mirror work is an essential part of sindhi embroidery, it gives an artistic look to the whole work. I am showing you how to fix a round mirror and some examples of incorporating mirrors in the middle of embroidery, step by step instructions are as follow:
  • on the one end of thread make a ring of thread  it should be approx 85% of size of mirror
  • place a ring over the mirror on cloth and fix the ring with the help of stitch on both side.

  • hold the mirror tightly and start doing the twisted eyelet stitch, always to fix a mirror in single sitting, it is good practice for proper positioning of mirror in your work.
  • complete till mirror if covered with the stitch and fixed.

  • few examples of incorporation of mirror in between the embriodery work the following 2 patterns can  be used in sleeves and back of kurta 

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viji said...

Pretty work.

Suseela said...

Thanks for sharing your method of stitching a mirror.
have to try it.