Saturday, July 8, 2017

Hand Embroidery: Kutch Work Double(Twin) border Design video

how to stitch double(twin) border design in kutch work
Hand Embroidery: Kutch work Double(Twin) Design as the name suggests combining 2 borders in a single one.
This tutorial comprise of 8 steps: First 4 parts are outline parts
Other 4 parts are filling parts.
By clicking on the below given time stamps you will reach at particular part of this border
Part 1 starts at: 1:47
Part 2 starts at: 2:37
Part 3 starts at: 3:47
Part 4 starts at: 5:51
Part 5 starts at : 7:10
Part 6 starts at: 9:33
Part 7 starts at: 12:52
Part 8 starts at: 15:24

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