Monday, July 1, 2013

How to Stitch Chudidar ( Leggings)

Today I am showing you the simple & Easy method of cutting, drafting and sewing leggings or Chudidar. Instructions are simple and for your ease I have prepared a very small sample for this because my point and shot camera is able to cover the whole piece of leggings but unable to show stitches , which are necessary for understanding , with this small sample it will be easy for you to understand.
Basic measurements required for the leggings /chudidar are:
1 complete length of leggings, from waist to toe.
2 leg’s width at toe.
3. Number of gathering or chudis you want in your leggings, for this extra 10-12” length is required.
4. length from you toe to knee( for example if it is 15” + 1” for folding + 12” for gathering it will be 28” (in the picture of draft it is shown  as =  I to J and F to G  )
5. Belt’s width and length( including folding from top for elastic and stitching at bottom part)
6. length from knee to the ending part of belt.( this is G  to H and J to K  in draft).
Instructions :
Things to do before drafting and sewing bag for chudidar or leggings.
Take 2 metres cloth.
      Open it length wise.
      Measure your belt( including 2” for top folding), cut this part of cloth and keep it aside for further use.
     With the remaining long piece bag is to be prepared or stitched before drafting.
    Take the whole length and fold.
Stitch the top fold (  picture below   )

      Stitch the bottom fold( in the same picture, two stitches  )
    Now open it as shown in picture (picture below)   

    Place your finger to the   side of cloth and stretch it towards right side, 

   From b-c stitch part.(shown in picture)

   Bag is complete , quite easy , isn’t it.

Drafting part:

Place bag as shown in Picture  
At this stage you can iron it too for ease.
Drafting Instructions:
Please refer to the drafting image: ( for example on Left hand side)

C to E and F to G is the measurement of toe to knee.( add 1” for bottom folding and ½” for sides if you are adding hooks.)
F G H is a curve line from your knee to the ending point of belt.

Sewing Instructions:
Complete belt according to your measurements. Fold the upper part, stitch it from sides, if elastic has to be attached , attach it at this stage or after completing it.
     Take one part of leg, fold the bottom most part of toe. If hooks are to be attached on sides fold -6”length wise from both sides for attaching hooks
     Do the same with other leg part.
      Attach both leg parts with belt , adjust extra part of cloth in form of gathering.
    Finally stitch from   part  FGH  and KJI to complete your leggings.
      For detailed instructions in sewing  you may refer to my earlier post how tostitch salwar(bottom) it will be helpful to you.
If you are taking printed cloth for leggings and it print is in particular direction say top to bottom, don’t use this bag method for sewing leggings because in this case print in one leg will be in particular direction and in other leg it will be in different direction, this will look awkward and funny too.
I hope this tutorial will be helpful to you, if any doubt please feel free to ask via comment section.  Please share my posts too.

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