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Saturday, June 8, 2013

Traingle Pattern : Tutorial on Sindhi Stitch

Sindhi stitch looks very beautiful, though it follows a series of geometrical patterns but after filling it gets a beautiful embroidery look. It is also know as kutch work or kutch embroidery. Traditionally sindhi women do this without any tracing, it looks difficult but once you are familiar with the steps it is easy to do it without any trace of design, now a days for an ease traces are available in some embroidery books. For your ease I have also prepared some sindhi stitch sketches for this particular traingle pattern, with their help you will easily understand the pattern and its 4 different stages and by following them step by step after 3-4 attempts(if it is new to you) you will be able to make the same pattern.

Before proceding further I will suggest you to take a look at my previous post on sindhi stitches especially
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all these patterns will be helpful to you to understand this much better.
This pattern is slightly complex, I have to spend time in learning this, if you carefully see this is an extension of my post on border on sindhi stitch in kurta.
This traingle can be usde as a border to by attaching one by one, I will show its illustration in my upcoming post, hence this is a tutorial I am showing you a single segment you can use this at various embroidery projects according to your need. This pattern comprise of 4 stages:
Step -1 lowest row of traingle

Step-2 upper part of traingle

step-3 filling of traingle

step-4 filling of lowest row of traingle.

 This pattern moves from left to right(step-1)
Right to left(step-2)
left to right(step-3)
right to left(step-4)

I have written in my first post each &  every pattern ends at the point from where it had began. Starting point and ending point both are same in sindhi embroidery.

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