Thursday, September 12, 2013

Sindhi Embroidery Neck Design

design of sindi embroidery for kurta neck
Sindhi Embroidery Neck Pattern <
Today I am showing you neck pattern of Sindhi Embroidery. The basic building block of this neck pattern is square pattern of sindhi embroidery which is covered with outer design filled with simple satin stitch and is forming complete motif.Whole neck pattern comprise of nine motifs. Instructions: To make this pattern you have to perform the following steps.

  •   First of all draw the ouline of neck(considering you neckline’s depth may be 6” or 6 and ½ “) 
  •  Draw a single pattern on paper.

step by step instructions for neck pattern
  • Make a mark on the center of neck.
  • With the help of pin fix carbon paper and design paper on cloth.
  • With pencil draw the design, trace marks of design will appear on paper.
  • Now proceed towards the left or right side of paper.
step by step instructions
  • Make marks for 4-5 patterns on both side (depend upon the depth of neck line)
  •  Follow the steps from 4-5 trace all the motifs on both sides.
  •  Trace of neck pattern is complete.
  •  Fill the outer design with the help of simple satin stitch.
  •  For inner sindhi embroidery design please refer to my earlier post that gives you the detailed instructions for this square Sindhi Stitch Guide ( image no 5)

step by step instructions

  • Complete all the nine motifs with square pattern.
  • Finally make outline of neck with any fancy stitch. Notes: If you can first of all trace all nine motifs on single paper and then trace the entire design in one sitting on kurta. This way you don’t have to make adjustments or check marks while tracing the pattern. Some other suggestions of Sindhi Embroidery from my blog are Sindhi embroidery design on kurta.Sindhi embroidery border on kurta.

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