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Sunday, June 10, 2018

Ribbon Lace Neck and Sleeves Design Video.

In this video tutorial we will learn to make a beautiful neck and sleeves design made with ribbon lace. With this lace you can decorate your kurtis, top and kameez.
Let's have a look at sleeves draft:
how to design sleeves with the help of draft
Here is the video:

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Anarkali : Cutting and Sewing Tutorial

learn to stitch anarkali suit
Anarkali is a multipanel kurta, numerous panels provide this attire a gorgeous look. Different types of anarkali’s can be drafted  with slight variation in cutting and sewing.
1 Half panel anarkali
2 Full panel anarkali
3 Traingle panel anarkali
4 Horizonatal panel anarkali
5 Single piece anarkali
In this tutorial I am showing you the simple and easy method of making full panel anarkali kurta with 8 panels each side.  This method of cutting applies only for the cloth which is plain or with same print on whole cloth. If cloth print is in certain direction from top to bottom or in certain direction after stitching panels will shown in opposite direction. In this type of print more cloth is required.
In this kurta I have attached a 8” piece of yoke over the full panels from both side this is easily seen in first picture.


Take whole length of cloth, fold the cloth. I have used 2.5 metres of cloth .Measure 46 “ as a length(mine is 45”+ 1” for folding). With the help of picture first draft panels and cut them accordingly. 16 panels(8 for front and 8 for back) are required.
instructions to draft anarkali panels
draft of panel of anarkali

A to B is length from shoulder to waist, B to F will constitute waist width after attaching all kalis.
From top each panel is 2.5” and bottom part is width is 7.5”. Its full ghera or width is 110”.
final look of attached anarkali panels

Attach kalis or panels and prepare front and back parts, now basic cloth is ready for cutting.
According to your measurements mark normal kurta pattern (for detailed instructions you can refer to my earlier post How to stitch kurta salwar top.
cutting anarkali panels

Sewing instructions:

In this kurta I  have attached 8” yoke cloth over top part of kurta.
First of all prepare neck pattern. Attach shoulder part.
Attach side lines from armhole to bottom.
 Attache the sleeves. Finish the bottom part by shaping it, (cutting excess cloth) fold the bottom, you can also attach border or lace to it. Your full panel anarkali kurta is ready .