Thursday, July 28, 2011


This is one of the first party wear suit stitched by me. Stitching instructions of salwar and kurta are already given in my previous posts, you can go throught it.

 As far as this suit is concerned the pink zari cloth had border on both sides and that is used in front and back neck pattern and dupatta is also decorated with border.
The dori  that has been used in pattern is made of pink cotton cloth, because zari cloth was difficult to handle, as it was stiff. Pink beads have been used alternatively with cloth loops on front pattern. For making cloth loops, stripes of cloth were made, they were ironed and cut into small pieces ,

 in the same way on the back neck patterns, small stripes are used and in each stripe , single bead has been insterted and gives a beautiful bow shape.
 Pictures are self explanatory , if you are familiar with stitching, seeing the pattern you can follow it.
Finally in dupatta, border is stitched on both ends. 

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