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Saturday, May 5, 2018

Kurti Pattern/Design-5

In this post I am going to show you this beautiful neck design with fabric stripes and buttons. This kurti is made up with 2 shades of fabric. On the front side, off white color fabric of bottom has been used in half, designing has been done by placing stripes in alternate color and on the edge buttons are hand stitched.
how to design kurti with strips and buttons
Step by step procedure is as follows:
1.Prepare the fabric of front pannel by adding two colors, prepare boat neck, on the bottom of front panel, arrange borders : black on off white color, and off white on black color part.
front part with 2 color fabric
kurti pattern with double color

2. Take 1" wide and 9 inches long strip, double fold it width wise and make a stitch line, so that raw edges are secured inside.
neck design of kurti
3. Pin them from center, taking equal distance on both sides and stitch them, taking alternate colors.
on the both sides hand stitch fabric buttons.

4. On the sleeves attach fabric buttons also.
how to make sleeves in designer kurti

In this way our designer kurti is ready.
On the back side  and sleeves single color fabric is used.

Saturday, February 24, 2018

DIY Designer Neckline Video

This video is in continuation with my previous video of Kutch work Neck design2 with embroidery.
In this video you will learn how to stitch that designer kurti with front slit and tassel dori.
I hope you will find this tutorial helpful.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Neck Design #1: Embroidery & Stitching Video

In this video tutorial you will learn how to sew a  neck design with hand embroidery patch work. First part of video is about making patch for neck design and second part consist of drafting, cutting and sewing of neckline.
If you want to skip to the sewing part just click on  this time stamp  7:52

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Kurti Pattern/Design-4

Tutorial on how to sew and design kurti
Today I am showing you a Kurti design with patch work and machine embroidery. This is a designer kurti  differenet color cloth are used in front and back. On the top of front side black color patch is being attached. First of all  draw a neck, trace motif for embroidery and complete it. For embroidery zigzag stitch is being used with normal sewing thread. For the outline back stitch is used with silver thread. If you know machine embroidery you can complete outline with machine, as this was my first machine embroidery project I found easy to outline it with hand embroidery. After comleting embrodery iron it and then taking back part cloth make draft according to your measurements, instructions are given below:
Drafting instructions for kurti and sleeves
A-K is kurti's length.
A-E is shoulder width.
A-D is neck width(standard is 3")
A-B is back neck
A-C is front neck
E-F is armhole cutting of back side.
E-G is front side armhole cutting.
H-G is 1/2 of waist measurement +1"
I-J is 1/2 of hip measurement +1/2"
K-L is 1/2 width of kurti(ghera).
Sleeve Draft.
A-D is half of armhole width.
A-B is length of sleeves.
B-C is arm width.
AFE1D is back side curve of sleeve.
AFED is front side curve of sleeve.
Draft and cut both arms with black color cloth.
Sewing Instructions
Take fusion paper draw neckline over it, cut it, place the glue side of fusion paper on the wrong side of cloth, stick it with the help of iron, cut extra cloth.
On the right side of cloth stitch neckline with fushion side facing up, turn the cloth side and finish neckline with hem or machine stitch.
embroidery motif for kurti

cutting front and back part of kurti

preparing neckline for kurti
Prepare back neck with bias strip.
Joint both shoulder part.
Attach sleeves.
Finally prepare slit parts and bottom folding.