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Thursday, April 21, 2016

Kurti Pattern/Design-4

Tutorial on how to sew and design kurti
Today I am showing you a Kurti design with patch work and machine embroidery. This is a designer kurti  differenet color cloth are used in front and back. On the top of front side black color patch is being attached. First of all  draw a neck, trace motif for embroidery and complete it. For embroidery zigzag stitch is being used with normal sewing thread. For the outline back stitch is used with silver thread. If you know machine embroidery you can complete outline with machine, as this was my first machine embroidery project I found easy to outline it with hand embroidery. After comleting embrodery iron it and then taking back part cloth make draft according to your measurements, instructions are given below:
Drafting instructions for kurti and sleeves
A-K is kurti's length.
A-E is shoulder width.
A-D is neck width(standard is 3")
A-B is back neck
A-C is front neck
E-F is armhole cutting of back side.
E-G is front side armhole cutting.
H-G is 1/2 of waist measurement +1"
I-J is 1/2 of hip measurement +1/2"
K-L is 1/2 width of kurti(ghera).
Sleeve Draft.
A-D is half of armhole width.
A-B is length of sleeves.
B-C is arm width.
AFE1D is back side curve of sleeve.
AFED is front side curve of sleeve.
Draft and cut both arms with black color cloth.
Sewing Instructions
Take fusion paper draw neckline over it, cut it, place the glue side of fusion paper on the wrong side of cloth, stick it with the help of iron, cut extra cloth.
On the right side of cloth stitch neckline with fushion side facing up, turn the cloth side and finish neckline with hem or machine stitch.
embroidery motif for kurti

cutting front and back part of kurti

preparing neckline for kurti
Prepare back neck with bias strip.
Joint both shoulder part.
Attach sleeves.
Finally prepare slit parts and bottom folding.

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Handmade Mobile Cover

how to made hand made mobile cover
Now a days different types of hand made mobile cover or pouches are available in market, but if you make something with your own , it becomes special to you, same is with me for this beautiful mobile cover . This is made from a piece of cloth which was derived from cutting of kurta’s front panel. As it was of heavy embroidery I wanted to utilize it hence this mobile cover came to existence.
step by step instructions to make mobile cover
In the last pic it is clearly visible that how side panel cutting of kurta has been used in making mobile cover. It took only ½ an hour to make it.
I have used hand stitching to make it, as edges are secured hence folding was not required. Take a piece of cloth according to the size of your mobile, stitch from one side and bottom to make pocket. A small strip of cloth has been attached on top as a flap. Attach glass stones to it with the help of needle. Attach a titch button to it.
Mobile case is ready, this is the benefit of sewing your clothes with your own, from extra cloth you can prepare beautiful hand bags, mobile covers , potlis and many other accessories.