Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Today I am showing you the 2 neck patterns.
Neck Pattern 1.
the first neck pattern is a front neck pattern in which double pink and white cord or dori has
been used, after adding piping to the neckline, cord is folded and added.
Neck Pattern 2

In this pattern red and yellow color strpes of cloth are added in a matt form, each stripe is
decorated with golden thread, gives the whole pattern a  embroidery look, after adding
border of red color to the round shape line, cord has been added to tie.
 In Both patterns one thing is common is the use of Cord or dori. In first neck pattern the
pattern itself is made from dori while in second pattern dori is attached , the process of
making dori in both patterns is same let me explain.

How to make Cord or Dori

For making dori you need 2 needles One big size and second (Picuture No.1)as small as it
can pass through the 1 one.
1- According to the length of cord take 1'' wide cloth and sew near to fold Picuture No.2
2- On the one edge to cloth place long needle(from back side) in between the cord(Picuture
3- With the Help of small neddle stitch cloth with big needle, it shold be tight, while streching
the joint should not be broken.(Picuture No.4) as per picture no.4 whole length of cloth
should be kept on big needle, it is important otherwise you will not be able to stretch the dori.
4- Try to strech the needle(Picture No.5-7) from the cloth and enjoy the fun.
After making for 3-4 times you will be able to make doris of your choice.


Anonymous said...

Ur link is very useful, I am looking for this,can u please explain to me in detail with more pictures,after strecting the fabric with the big needle ,how to take it out with the small needle,waiting for ur reply


I am trying to explain you, first on the big needle , the whole length of fabric is to be adjusted. then you have to the stitch the edge of cloth with the help of small neddle , than remove the small needle. after this you have to stretch the dori, hope you will find it useful. please inform me at which step you have the problem, then it will be easy for me to help you. regards.

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much ,I tried it today,it came out very we'll,lots of thanks to ur link,can u please make a link for anarkali kameez,looking forward to it
Thank you once again


Thanks for your valuable feedback Rathidevi ji, I will try to post anarkali kameez as soon as possible. meanwhile have a look on my other blog You can join me with google friend connect with your gmail account as you are commenting as Anonymous.